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The Visible Scholar

Why Generous Companies Create More Value For, Well, Everybody!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
12 noon – 12:45 p.m.
Research & Collaborative Study Area, 1st Floor, Boatwright Library

Jeff HarrisonDr. Jeff Harrison
The W. David Robbins Chair in Strategic Management
Professor of Management
Robins School of Business

Professor Harrison will discuss his research on stakeholder theory -- the idea that companies actually make more money (as opposed to less) when they allocate more time, money and attention to employees, customers, suppliers, communities and other stakeholders.

Dr. Harrison has 10 books and dozens of published articles on this and related topics and is a leader in the stakeholder movement. Connect to the UR Scholarship repository to read some of Dr. Harrison’s publications on stakeholder theory. See a full list of his publications on his webpage.



UR Scholarship:

Taking place in an open venue in the library, “The Visible Scholar Series” provides a space for informal faculty talks on new publications. Students, staff and faculty can listen and view a “scholar in action.”