Library Awards

James W. Jackson Award for Excellence in Library Research in the Social Sciences

Purpose and Eligibility

The purpose of the award is to recognize and encourage excellence in the use of library research skills in the social sciences (Criminal Justice, Economics & Management, Education, Environmental Studies, History, School of Leadership Studies, International Studies, Journalism, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies).

Upper division students are eligible, based on a research project completed during the spring semester of the academic year or during the calendar year. Papers previously submitted are ineligible.

The winning paper should demonstrate a depth and breadth of effective use of research materials in the social sciences and clear evidence of thoughtful command of these resources. Excellent research projects which do not make significant use of library research materials (e.g., experimental projects) cannot, regrettably, be considered. Undergraduate honors theses are not eligible for the Jackson Award.


Nominations must be made by a faculty member. Each faculty member may nominate one or two students by submitting their research paper(s). The deadline for submission will be announced during the Spring semester.

Faculty, please send submissions to Malorie Olivier, Library Administrative Coordinator, via email at

2016 Deadline: April 8, 2016

Representatives from the Library Faculty Committee will serve on the Jackson Award Committee. Together with one of the Social Sciences Librarians, they will read the entries and determine a winner. For more information, please call Malorie Olivier at (804)289-8454.


The award consists of a check for $1000. The winner's name will be inscribed on a plaque in Boatwright Memorial Library and will be acknowledged in the Commencement Program.

Kate Lawrenz - 2014 James Jackson Award Winner


George Modlin Book Award

Purpose and Eligibility

Established in 1971, the Modlin Book Award was created to honor Dr. George M. Modlin upon his retirement as President of the University of Richmond.  This competitive award recognizes and promotes the development of scholarly personal libraries.  Graduating members of the senior class who have accumulated an outstanding personal library with a scholarly focus or special personal interest are eligible to apply for the award.   


Graduating seniors may submit the following information to apply for the Modlin Book Award:

  • a bibliographic list of not more than fifty (50) items from the student’s personal collection, formatted into an appropriate citation style;
  • a one-to-two (1-2) page rationale and explanation behind the development of the collection.

The deadline for submission will be announced during the Spring semester.

2016 Deadline: April 8, 2016

Send papers to:

Modlin Award Committee
University Librarian's Office
Boatwright Memorial Library
Email the Administrative Coordinator


The award consists of a check for $1000. The winner's name will be inscribed on a plaque in Boatwright Memorial Library and will be acknowledged in the Commencement Program.  An exhibit of selections from the collection may be displayed in Boatwright Memorial Library.

The selection committee can decline to make an award if it determines that no collection entered merits the award.

For more information, please call Malorie Olivier at (804)289-8454.

Brian Guay - 2014 George Modlin Award Winner


Past Recipients

Year Recipient Name Collection Title
1973 Sandra Lee Snidow Classical Music Library
1974 William Rust Norris Science Fiction & Fantasy
1976 Elizabeth Rhodes Brimm Hispanic-Related Books
1977 Rhett McPherson Scottish Highland Bagpipe Music
1978 James Edward Cumbie Medieval European History
1979 Howard Franklin Crotzer, Jr. English Literature
1981 Elizabeth W. Andrews Horses & Horsemanship
1982 Judith G.Suben Language & Thought
1984 Christopher K. Smith Theater & Directing
1984 Edward C. Cleary Postmodernist Fiction
1985 John Scott Hudgins Jewish History
1986 Peter S. Kirkpatrick French Politics
1987 Michael Bruce Compton Understanding Biblical Language
1988 James R. Luck, Jr. A Search For God
1989 Louis T. Manarin The Roman Empire
1990 Mark H. Danley Military History
1991 James H. Carter, IV Intellectual Development of Modern China
1992 Cynthia Paces Czechoslovakia's Cultural Heritage
1993 Michael T. Williams French Philosophy
1994 Kristina M. Thomas Dogs In Fact And Fiction
1995 Sonia J. Banerji South Asian Culture & History
1996 Kelly E. Broxton Social Change of Education & Women Studies
1997 Wesley C. Kelly Classics And Philosophy Minor Focus On Linguistic Philosophy
1998 Lee A. Scott Books My Passport - The Journey To The East
1999 Steven Pate A Literature Francais: An Education Through Literature
2000 Josh J. Clough The American Indian and U.S. Western History
2001 Thomas A. Calder A Collection For The Study of
East Asia From Its Roots to Today
2002 Barrett Matthew Emerick Search For Truth
2003 Amy Robin Hoffman Edward Gorey and the World of the Gothic
2004 Erin Bartels Reclaiming and Reinventing the South & Southernness
2005 Chase Rowan Politics, Plato and Pinot Noir: my library as an independent liberal arts education
2006 Patrick Elgin Military Leadership - Personal and Universal
2006 Patrick Salland The World of Pharaohs
2007 Carmen del Valle Hermo Hispanic Heritage: Hispanic and Latino Art


Jacob Neal What's the Use of Truth? Queering the Face of Philosophy by Way of Richard Rorty
2009 Rebecca Frazier Making Connections: A Collection Exploring the Intersections of Psychology, Gender, and Leadership
2010 Robert Lindstrom Why Do I Collect Golf Books?
2010 Daniel Rudary European and Early American History
2011 Abigail S. Novak

Evaluating Education Reform: The Importance of Race, Class, and Gender in Understanding America's Education Crisis

2011 Schuyler Swartout The Order of Things
2012 Caroline Cobert Ancient Egyptain Mummies
2013 Katie C. Freeman The Evolution of Knowledge: A Curious Literary Journey in Understanding Life from Neurons to Nebulas
2013 Sam Crusemire The New Yorker in a Virginian
2014 Brian Guay Bridging the Gap between Political Science and Psychology Using Tibetan Studies
2015 Kassie Andreadis Female-Led Speculative Fiction
2015 Melissa Diamond Middle East Peace and Conflicts
2016 Marissa Parker Sustainability & The Environment


James W. Jackon Award

Past Jackson Recipients

1984 Brian M. Sheahan
1985 Catharine N. Morrison
1986 Jeanette K. Williams
1987 Paula L. Domenici
1988 Mary Delicate
1989 Kate Ravenel
1990 Robbin F. Kohler
1991 James H. Carter, IV
1992 Robert Bennett
1993 Jonathan S. Marashlian
1994 Sean P. Byrne
1995 Daniel F. Diffley
1996 Jeffrey K. Staton
1997 Melanie Ann Bailey
1998 Kelly J. Schoeffel
1999 Marianne Wilson
2000 Jennifer A. Gaines
2001 Elizabeth J. Peiffer
2002 Daniel G. Feldman
2003 Rachel Finer
2004 John Kevin Dunn, Jr.
2004 Heather Lynn McQueen
2005 Nicholas Klaiber
2006 William Wilkes
2007 Amy Bradshaw
2008 Chris Cotten
2009 Jacob Johnson
2010 Kelly Behrend
2011 Marianne Williams
2012 Sarah Fishman
2013 Edward Beach
2014 Kate Lawrenz
2015 Solee Park

Modlin Book Award

Past Modlin Recipients