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Media Resource Center Student Employment

The Media Resource Center is located on the second floor of Boatwright Library and operates during the following hours: Sunday, 2:00pm - midnight; Monday - Thursday, 8:00am - midnight; Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm; Saturday, 1:00pm - 5:00pm.

Position Types

Student Media Manager

Student responsibilities include MRC information desk operation, video and document delivery, assisting with International Film Series, filing videos and audio books, maintaining MRC course reserves. Media Managers also provide assistance, as needed, to faculty and other students in operating media equipment in the MRC public carrels and classrooms. The Student Media Manager provides assistance to patrons with finding films and recorded books, and performs general duties associated with the circulation of media items.

Pay and Hours

$8.10 / hour; 5-10 hours/week, hours are limited to 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M, Mon. - Fri.

Student Media Consultant

In addition to the responsibilities of the Student Media Manager, this position assists classes with evening film screenings, and is responsible for the procedures related to closing and/or opening the MRC. The Student Media Consultant works independently without direct supervision. This position requires experience one semester's experience as a Student Media Manager.

Pay and Hours

$8.60 / hour; 5-10 hours / week, with at least 3 hours / week during evenings or weekends.

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