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MRC Bookings and Reserves

For more information about finding MRC bookings and reserves, contact us.

Film and Video Requests

University of Richmond faculty may reserve videos and DVDs for classroom use by contacting Molly Fair at the Media Resource Center. Requests should be made in writing one week in advance of show date. Please include show date, time, and location. If you prefer office delivery please include those dates and the location of your department office in place of show dates and location. Requests should be submitted in writing by email or campus mail. You may also make requests in person at the MRC. Printable confirmations will be sent by email for all requests. Students requesting media titles for classroom presentations should have their professor make arrangements with the MRC for desired dates.

Room Reservation Requests

The MRC has rooms available for faculty and staff to hold meetings, class sessions, and film screenings. To request a room please fill out the online request form. If you have any further questions, please contact Molly Fair.

Richmond Area Media Cooperative (Co-op) Requests

Co-op requests should be made in writing at least two weeks in advance. Faculty should include the date, time, and location titles are needed. They should be sent to Interlibrary Loan. Items may be kept up to two weeks. Students must watch RALC titles in the MRC, unless faculty written permission is given.


Faculty may place items on reserve by contacting Molly Fair. Please include the dates you wish an item to remain on reserve. Should items need to be placed on reserve in the Music Library, please make note of this on your request. Items on reserve may be viewed in the MRC for four hours; faculty may remove items from reserve by contacting the MRC in advance.


Videos or DVDs that the University does not own and cannot be located in the Film Co-op may sometimes be rented from outside sources for a fee. Please contact us for your requests in writing at least two weeks prior to use.

Guide to Research on Film

The Guide to Research on film is recommended by the University of Richmond Libraries with links to the catalog, foreign films, websites, reference help, and databases.