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Facilities and Classrooms

MRC Computer Stations

The MRC has 14 Windows computers equipped with DVD drives for viewing media, and 3 Mac computers available for general use. 5 work stations are equipped with multi-region DVD/VHS combo players, and 2 are equipped with multi-region Blu-ray players. Headphones and headphone splitters are available for checkout.

Viewing room

The viewing room (room 226) may be used for course-assignments or research by groups of 3-6 people. The room is equipped with a large-size screen 3D TV, multi-region Blu-Ray/DVD player, and VHS player. Faculty, staff or students may reserve the room in advance through the library’s room booking page or by contacting the MRC service desk.

MRC Classrooms, Adams Auditorium, & the Learn Lab

MRC Classrooms are equipped with whiteboards, multimedia projectors and playback equipment which can support VHS, Blu-ray, and DVD formats. MRC Classrooms can be booked through the university’s Centralized Scheduling Service

Room Capacities:

  • Adams Auditorium, room 205- seats 50
  • Learn Lab, room 201- seats
  • MRC Classroom 2, room 223- seats 15
  • MRC Classroom 3, room 225 - seats 8, with meeting table
  • MRC Classroom 4, room 224- seats 28

Classroom Use and Reservation Policies:

If a MRC room is used for a full-credit course or a weekly film lab session, the University Registrar’s office will book the room.

If faculty or staff members need to book a MRC room for a single film screening or for a special program, class session or meeting, please use the Centralized Scheduling Service. If you are requesting a film screening, be sure to complete all of the questions for film screening support.

Please note the following policies:

  • The classrooms may only be used during the MRC’s hours of operation.
  • MRC Classrooms may only be reserved by faculty and staff, and should not be used for private study. Students may book these classrooms for presentations through a faculty member.
  • Library staff are not responsible for taking class attendance for screenings.

TMSS will provide all support, maintenance, emergency dispatches and training for the MRC classrooms. Hours are 8 a.m.- 7:30 p.m. and TMSS staff encourage staff and faculty to use the phone support system in the classrooms if assistance is needed. TMSS will also set up training appointments for faculty and staff to understand how to operate equipment in the classrooms.

Reservation Help

If you have any questions about reserving a room in the MRC, please email Ellie Taylor or call (804) 287-6625.