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The Visible Scholar

Employee Passion: The Good, The Bad (and the Ugly?)

Friday, April 8
12 noon – 12:45 p.m.
Research & Collaborative Study Area, 1st Floor, Boatwright Library

Violet HoDr. Violet Ho, Associate Professor of Management,
Robins School of Business

Dr. Ho will discuss her research on passion in the workplace, including the workplace implications of having passionate employees, and possible strategies for developing and sustaining employee passion.

Recent publications by Dr. Ho on this topic:

A Tale of Passion: Linking Job Passion and Cognitive Engagement to Employee Work Performance

Passion Isn't Always a Good Thing: Examining Entrepreneurs' Network Centrality and Financial Performance with a Dualistic Model of Passion

Taking place in an open venue in the library, “The Visible Scholar Series” provides a space for informal faculty talks on new publications. Students, staff and faculty can listen and view a “scholar in action.”