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The University of Richmond Trustees' Honor Roll of Distinguished Faculty, Administrators, and Staff was established in 1979 to recognize those individuals who contributed exemplary service to the University.  The established criteria includes: concern for students, significant service in the chosen field, contribution and devotion to the institution, and that indefinable quality known as "personality."  To give the added perspective of having stood the test of time, only persons who are deceased are eligible for consideration.

There were twenty-one individuals placed for initial presentation in 1980, and their names include many legends from the 19th and 20th centuries.  Ten more individuals were added in 1993.  The actual Honor Roll is a handsome board containing brass tablets located in the lobby of the Boatwright Memorial Library.

Honor Roll Members

1980 Trustees' Honor Roll of Distinguished Faculty, Administrators, and Staff

EDWARD BAPTIST (1790-1863); AB, AM; Principal of Dunlora Academy, 1830-1832

ROBERT RYLAND (1805-1899); AB, AM, DD; Principal of Virginia Baptist Seminary, 1832-1842; Professor of Moral Philosophy, Richmond College, 1842-1866; President of Richmond College, 1842-1866

BENNET PURYEAR (1826-1914); AB, MA, LLD; Professor of Natural Science, 1849-1858, 1866-1873; Professor of Chemistry, 1873-1895; Chairman of the faculty, 1869-1885, 1888-1895

JABEZ LAMAR MONROE CURRY (1825-1903); BL, LLD, DD; Professor of English Literature, 1866-1876; Professor of Constitutional Law, 1876-1881; Trustee, Richmond College, 1881-1903

HENRY HERBERT HARRIS (1837-1897); AB, LLD, DD; Professor of Greek, 1866-1895; Chairman of the faculty, 1885-1888

CHARLES HILL RYLAND (1836-1914); DD; Treasurer, Richmond College, 1874-1911; Secretary, Board of Trustees, 1875-1914; Librarian, Richmond College, 1883-1914

FREDERIC WILLIAM BOATWRIGHT (1868-1951); MA, LLD, LHD; Professor of Modern Languages, 1890-1946; President, Richmond College, 1895-1920; President, University of Richmond, 1920-1946; Chancellor, 1946-1951

ROBERT EDWIN GAINES (1860-1959); MA, LittD, DSc; Professor of Mathematics, 1890-1948; Dean, Richmond College, 1919-1922; Director, Graduate School, 1930-1938; Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus, 1948-1959

SAMUEL CHILES MITCHELL (1864-1948); MA, PhD, LittD, DCL, LLD; Professor of Latin, 1895-1901; Professor of History, 1901-1908; Professor of History and Political Science, 1920-1938; William Binford Vest Professor of History, 1938-1945; Professor of History, Emeritus, 1945-1948

JOHN CALVIN METCALF (1865-1949); MA, LittD, LLD; Professor of English Literature, 1904-1917; Dean of Richmond College, 1914-1917; Trustee, University of Richmond, 1925-1949

WALTER SCOTT McNEILL (1875-1930); BA, BL, PhD; Professor of Law, 1905-1930; Director, Law School, 1908-1930

ROBERT EDWARD LOVING (1874-1960); BA, MA, PhD, DSc; Professor of Physics, 1908-1948; Dean of Richmond College, 1917-1919; Professor of Physics, Emeritus, 1948-1960

BENJAMIN WEST TABB (1877-1941); BA; Treasurer, 1911-1941; Registrar, 1911-1922; Secretary, Board of Trustees, 1914-1941; Vice President of the University, 1922-1941

MAY LANSFIELD KELLER (1877-1964); BA, PhD, LittD; Professor of English, 1914-1946; Dean, Westhampton College, 1914-1946; Dean and Professor of English, Emerita, 1946-1964

SUSAN MADELINE LOUGH (1877-1958); BA, MA, PhD; Professor of History and Political Science, 1915-1921; Professor of History, 1921-1948; Professor of History, Emerita, 1948-1958

GARNETT RYLAND (1870-1962); MA, PhD, DSc; Professor of Chemistry, 1917-1945; Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus, 1945-1962

JAMES HARMON BARNETT, JR. (1891-1970); BS, LLB, LLM, LLD; Professor of Law, 1920-1968; Secretary, Law School, 1920-1930; Professor of Law, Emeritus, 1968-1970

MAUDE HOWLETT WOODFIN (1891-1948); BA, MA, PhD, LittD; Professor of History, Westhampton College, 1920-1948; Acting Dean, Westhampton College, 1946-1947

RALPH CLIPMAN MCDANEL (1893-1977); BA, MA, PhD, LLD; Professor of American History, 1926-1959; William Binford Vest Professor of History, 1959-1967; Professor of History, Emeritus, 1967-1977

RAYMOND BENNETT PINCHBECK (1900-1957); BS, MS, PhD; Professor of Business Administration, 1929-1934; Professor of Applied Economics, 1934-1957; Dean, Richmond College, 1931-1957

SOLON BOLIVAR COUSINS (1885-1971); BA, DD, LLD; Professor of Bible on the Camp Memorial Foundation, 1932-1959; Professor of Bible, Emeritus, 1959-1971

1993 Trustees' Honor Roll of Distinguished Faculty, Administrators, and Staff

SPENCER DELANCEY ALBRIGHT, JR. (1900-1983); BA, MA, PhD; Professor of History and Political Science, 1946-1971; Professor of Political Science, Emeritus, 1973-1983

FANNIE GRAVES CRENSHAW (1890-1984); BA; Athletic Director, Westhampton College, 1914-1943; Director of Physical Education, Westhampton College, 1943-1955; Professor of Physical Education, Emerita, 1973-1984

WOODFORD BROADUS HACKLEY (1894-1978); AB, MA, LittD; Professor of Latin, 1933-1962; Professor of Latin, Emeritus, 1962-1978

BENJAMIN CLARK HOLTZCLAW (1894-1986); BA, MA, PhD; James Thomas, Jr. Professor of Philosophy, 1929-1965; Dean of Graduate School, 1938-1965; Dean of Richmond College, 1942-1945

HELEN ALBEE MONSELL (1895-1971); BA, MA, LittD; Registrar, 1922-1961

WILLIAM TAYLOR MUSE (1906-1971); BA, LLB, SJD; Professor of Law, 1931-1971; Dean, The T.C. Williams School of Law, 1947-1971

JOSEPH ELRITT NETTLES (1909-1982); LHD; Public Relations Director, 1936-1970; Alumni Secretary, 1936-1970; Instructor of Journalism, 1940-1973; Director of Journalism Program, 1970-1973; Alumni Secretary, Emeritus, 1973-1982; Lecturer in Journalism, Emeritus, 1979-1982

MALCOLM UPSHUR PITT (1897-1985); DHum; Assistant Football Coach, 1928-1933; Basketball Coach, 1933-1953; Baseball Coach, 1935-1972; Athletic Director, 1941-1967; Director of Athletics, Emeritus, 1971-1985

MARGUERITE ROBERTS (1904-1988); BA, MA, PhD; Dean of Westhampton College, 1947-1965; Professor of English, Westhampton College, 1947-1974; Professor of English, Emerita, 1975-1988

HERMAN P. THOMAS (1897-1974); BA, MA, PhD; Professor of Economics, 1927-1966; Acting Dean, School of Business Administration, 1957-1959

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