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Digital Collections

Discovery, Technology and Publishing supports the teaching and learning mission of the University of Richmond and serves users through the creation and delivery of online digital collections. The department focuses on creating digital collections that present materials that would be of interest to students and faculty at the University and to the wider scholarly community. Current projects concentrate on Civil War-era Richmond, World War II, and the history of the University. The department has three main functions:

  • Digitization and digital preservation: Discovery, Technology and Publishing is responsible for the conversion of text- and image-based material to digital formats appropriate for numerous purposes, including online delivery and preservation.
  • Digital collection building and maintenance: The department maintains numerous existing digital collections hosted at the University and is responsible for providing access to locally created digital collections.
  • Participate in the broader effort on campus to create and leverage digital content for teaching and learning and to promote the use of open-access materials in the classroom and beyond.

Digital materials included in collections provided by the library are generally open to the public, but are intended for educational and research purposes only. Any other use, including but not limited to reproduction, redistribution, publication, or transmission, is prohibited without specific written consent.