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Digital Collections

The Digital Scholarship Lab and the Digital Engagement Group develop and share innovative digital scholarship and create accessible and useful digital collections of University scholarship, publications, and archival materials. Together, these teams use digital media and computational methods to create new knowledge and to support and advance teaching, learning, and scholarship at the University and to share the products of that work with the greater community. These functions include:

  • Supporting the thoughtful incorporation of digital scholarship, digital collections, and digital humanities methods in individual classrooms and in the curriculum more generally.
  • Providing consultation for faculty and students on digital scholarship and digital humanities projects, including project planning, management, execution, and dissemination.
  • Digitizing, preserving, and publishing University research and publications, and Special Collections and University Archives materials, prioritizing materials that are unique and most likely to be of interest to University faculty and students, scholars more generally, and the public.
  • Publishing digital scholarship and collections developed in partnerships with colleagues and students.
  • Preserving born-digital institutional materials ensuring their availability in the future.

Digital materials included in collections provided by the library are generally open to the public, but are intended for educational and research purposes only. Any other use, including but not limited to reproduction, redistribution, publication, or transmission, is prohibited without specific written consent.