CloudLibrary Checkout

If the front desk is closed or you would like to checkout a book before even leaving the stacks, CloudLibrary can help!

Here’s what you need: your smartphone, your URID number and the items you desire to checkout. Once you download and sign in to the CloudLibrary app, simply scan the barcode using your phone. On your way out, stop by the FastLane device to desensitize the item and compete the process. 

Download and Install:

The app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store, Google Play store, or Kindle Fire App here:

Once installed, you need to log into your library:

  • Select your state (VA)
  • Library (Boatwright Library)
  • Enter your UR ID.
Video Walkthrough is available here:

cloudLibrary™ | Logging In from bibliotheca on Vimeo.