Library Staff Directory

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All numbers listed below use the area code 804. Additionally, all correspondence for Boatwright Library can be sent to the following address:

Boatwright Memorial Library
28 Westhampton Way
University of Richmond, VA 23173

For immediate assistance by telephone, please call 804-289-8876.

Name Position Title Phone E-mail Address
Keondra Bailey Customer Service Associate 289-8852
Scott Berger Electronic Resources Associate 289-8941
Kevin Butterfield University Librarian 289-8456
Tom Campagnoli Integrated Library Systems Administrator 289-8933
Catherine Clements Special Formats Cataloging Librarian 289-8845
Anna Creech Head, Resource Acquisition and Delivery 289-8457
Sojourna Cunningham Social Sciences Librarian 289-8977
Betty Dickie Special Collections and Preservation Associate 289-8850
Marion Dieterich Discovery, Technology and Publishing Associate 287-6019
Linda Fairtile Head, Music Library 287-6849
Samantha Guss Social Sciences Librarian 289-8851
Esther Herdman Customer Service Associate 287-6625
Melanie Hillner Science Librarian 289-8262
Laura Hood Customer Service Associate 289-8884
Iria Jones Operations Manager 289-8665
Lynda Kachurek Head, Rare Books and Special Collections 289-8458
Jeannine Keefer Visual Resources Librarian 289-8275
Chris Kemp Head, Discovery, Technology, and Publishing 287-6672
Crista LaPrade Digital Projects and Preservation Coordinator 289-8412
Angela Leeper Director, Curriculum Materials Center 289-8433
Carrie Ludovico SPCS Librarian 287-6647
Leigh Ann Martin Resource Description Associate 289-8808
Lit Maxwell Business Librarian 289-8666
Lucretia McCulley Head, Scholarly Communications 289-8670
Leigh McDonald Head, Resource Description 289-8844
Kia Milindez Library Acquisitions Specialist 289-8849
Andy Morton Emerging Web Technologies Librarian 289-8876
Christine Gomola Mullin ILL Associate 289-8668
Rick Neal Library Applications & Systems Administrator 289-8246
Susan Opdycke Customer Service Associate 289-8006
Paul Porterfield Head, Media Resource Center 289-8453
Dywana Saunders Media Collections Associate 289-8451
Heather Semko Acquisitions Associate 289-8182
Travis Smith Stacks, Building, and Interlibrary Loan Supervisor 289-8672
Bianca Spurlock Administrative Coordinator 289-8454
Cassandra Taylor-Anderson Customer Service Supervisor 287-6861
David Tenenholtz Music Associate 287-6894
Nick Vogel MRC Media Services Coordinator 289-8450
Angie White Digital Production Coordinator 289-8942
Marcia Whitehead Humanities Librarian 289-8823
Carol Wittig Head, Research and Instruction 289-8459
Radha Zanzal ILL Associate 289-8787