Course Reserves Frequently Asked Questions

What is an e-reserve (electronic reserve)?

What is a print reserve?

What are some benefits of using e-reserves?

What are some benefits of using print reserves?

What are the possible check-out periods for print reserves?

What is the "title as listed on syllabus," and how should I fill out this field of the request form?

Can I put music or movies on reserve?

Can I reuse reserves that I've used in previous semesters?

Can I use an article that's available in a library database?

Can I post links to places on the internet as e-reserves?

Can I use an electronic book (e-book) as an e-reserve?

Can I email you scans I've made myself to place on e-reserve?

Can I bring you photocopies to be scanned for e-reserve?

Can I put my course text book on reserve?

Can I have the library order books to be scanned or placed on reserve?

Why do I need to fill out a form for each reserve request?

Why won't the request form self-populate with my name and email?

How do I know if my requests fall under copyright protection?

How long do copyright permission requests take?

How long will it take for my reserves to be posted or my Blackboard scans to be sent to me?

How long will my personal book take to get back to me if I bring it in to be scanned?

Will I be notified when my reserves are ready?