Library Printing and Credits

Printers are located in the following areas of Boatwright Library:

  • Research and Collaborative Area (1st Floor) - BML1STFLPRT
  • Silent Study Area (2nd Floor) - BML2NDFLPRT
  • Boatwright Computer Classroom (BCC) (Basement Level 2) - BMLB2B26PRT
  • Media Resource Center (2nd Floor)
  • Parsons Music library (Modlin Center for the Arts)

A color printer is available in the Research and Collaborative Area on the first floor (BMLCOLOR1FLPRT). Please note that documents printed on the color printer cost 10 print credits per page. Documents printed on the other printers cost 1 credit per page.

Students are allotted up to 400 printing credits per semester. Credits carry over from the fall semester to the spring, but not to the next academic year. See chart below for explanation:

Status Fall Semester Spring Semester Summer
Full Time Students 400 400 200
Part Time Students 200 200 200
Law Students 100 100 100

Purchasing New Credits

Print credits may be purchased online in Bannerweb using your Spidercard, debit, or credit card. Up to 125 credits can also be purchased at the Boatwright Library Main Service Desk using cash, check, or SpiderCard. For every $2.00 spent, you receive 25 credits. Please see the following chart for examples:

Credits Cost
25 $2.00
50 $4.00
75 $6.00
100 $8.00
125 $10.00

Wireless Printing Instructions

Instructions for Windows

Instructions for Mac