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Kevin Butterfield

University Librarian
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    Kevin Butterfield is the University Librarian at the University of Richmond, providing visionary leadership for the university's libraries since 2012. With over 30 years of experience spanning leadership roles in academic, law, and public libraries, he brings a wealth of knowledge in information services, technology, and administration.

    Kevin has demonstrated leadership in shepherding libraries through periods of immense change brought on by the digital age. As Director of Bibliographic and Digital Services at the University of Richmond from 2009-2012, he led the library's transition to digital collections and services. He provides leadership on digital literacy initiatives across campus, equipping students and faculty with competencies needed to critically evaluate and create digital content.

    Known for being technologically savvy, Kevin stays on the cutting edge of emerging information technologies and their applications for libraries. He led multiple projects aimed at improving access through enhanced metadata, cataloging, collaborations, and systems implementation. Kevin embraces innovation, creativity, and calculated risk-taking to position libraries for the future.

    With a keen focus on user needs and service quality, Kevin actively engages with campus stakeholders to align library strategies. His inclusive and consultative approach brings diverse voices to the table when addressing complex changes facing libraries. Throughout his career, Kevin has demonstrated an ability to forge consensus among conflicting perspectives, crafting a cohesive vision for the libraries he stewards. His adaptive leadership style allows libraries under his guidance to respond effectively to evolving information landscapes.