Library Use Policies & Guidelines

University Libraries Mission

Provide access to diverse, high-quality information resources and services advancing the University of Richmond's academic, research, and creative endeavors. Create welcoming and inspiring physical and virtual spaces that foster learning, collaboration, and creativity. Advance information literacies that develop critical thinking and ethical use of information. Preserve and promote the University of Richmond's intellectual and cultural heritage.

The policies and guidelines shared here provide a framework that supports our mission and protects an environment conducive to learning and the free exchange of information and access to library resources.

Filming and photography by University of Richmond students, faculty and staff are permitted in most University Libraries spaces. However, library users should not be disturbed or inconvenienced under any circumstance. Photographers will obtain prior consent of any individual, including any Library users or staff, who will appear in or be the subject of the photography/videotaping/filming.

The University of Richmond Libraries welcomes and encourages gifts in support of the University's programs and collections. Through their gifts, donors enrich the libraries’ collections and sustain their growth. Indeed, many of the Libraries’ most valuable resources and special collections originated in this way. Gifts of books, personal collections, and other research materials contribute to the Libraries’ collection in many ways. The Libraries are deeply grateful to all of our donors, who for more than a century, have generously given books and other library materials in support of the University Libraries. As suggested by the American Library Association, all acquisitions of gifts and donations will be evaluated based on the mission and policies of the academic institution.

The University Libraries are committed to protecting the privacy of its users. The Libraries comply with the Virginia Freedom of Information Act - The Code of Virginia §2.2-3705.7 (3), American Library Association’s Code of Ethics, and University of Richmond policy in all matters regarding user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received. The University Libraries may collect data about your library use in order to improve services and to integrate with broader university teaching and learning initiatives.

The facilities and collections of University Libraries are shared resources, serving students, faculty, staff, and community members every day. As members of an academic community, library users as well as library staff are responsible for sustaining a scholarly environment, defined as an environment supportive of study, research, scholarship, creative production, and collaboration.

Updated: August 2023