Linking to Library Resources in Blackboard

Many of the library’s databases offer “persistent links.” Persistent links allow you to create a long-term link to an article, journals, ebooks, or other content in a database. Some databases use other terms for persistent links, such as Permalink, Document URL, Bookmark Link, Title URL, etc.

Where can I use persistent links?

You can copy and paste persistent links directly into your Blackboard course, into an email message, or into an online syllabus.

Why can't I just copy the URL in my browser's address bar?

In most databases, the address in your browser bar is dynamically-generated, meaning the address only exists during the current period of your search. The browser bar URL will no longer link to the article once you leave the database. Instead, you will need to use the persistent link address provided by the database.

How do I find the persistent links?

Once you are in a database and you find a specific item, look for icons or descriptions that identify a persistent link, permalink, etc. If you cannot find a persistent URL, email your liaison librarian for assistance.

Will persistent links work off-campus?

Persistent links will work off-campus as long as the student, staff or faculty member is connected to the university’s Virtual Private Network (VPN) via an internet connection.

Why would I use a persistent link rather than uploading an article on Blackboard?

The library has paid for subscriptions to full-text content that include copyright permission if you link to the content within those databases rather than simply post the text. To download, store and distribute copyrighted materials online (e.g. in Blackboard) requires permission of the publisher and/or author. The use of persistent links from our subscribed resources does not require such authorization.