Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Ask a Librarian

For questions about off-campus access to library resources and research, you can use any of the methods found at ASK a librarian.

Accessing Books and Media Through Curbside Pickup:

  1. Go to and scroll down to the OneSearch box.
  2. Enter your search terms and click the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Find the item that you want (there are lots of filters on the left that help you narrow your results) and click on its title.
  4. Scroll down to “Get it” and click the “Sign in” icon.
  5. Follow the prompt to log in with your UR ID and password.
  6. Click on “Request: Place a Hold or Pick-up Request” (under “Get it”).
  7. If you need to add any info to your request, you can, but it’s not required. You can just click “Send Request”.
    1. Faculty and staff have the added option of requesting “Office Delivery” for books requested from Boatwright only.
  8. Items to be picked up at Boatwright are placed on carts at the entrance to the library and can be picked up anytime Boatwright is open. Items will be marked with your first initial and last name. Parsons Music Library staff will contact the borrower about arranging pickup of materials from that location.

Students who are not in Richmond and need print books/media should contact their liaison librarian who will check on e-book options or make suggestions for alternative online material. If there no viable options, a book/DVD can be mailed to a student.

If you need access to materials housed at Parsons Music Library, please contact Linda Fairtile at or 804-287-6849.

EZproxy Access

EZproxy allows University of Richmond students, faculty and staff to access licensed (subscribed) library resources from off-campus. When you are off-campus and click on a link to a licensed resource from anywhere within the library’s website, including our Databases A-Z list, Research Guides or search tools like OneSearch, you will be automatically prompted to login with your UR NetID and password. After authenticating you will have access to licensed content for the duration of your browser session. No other configuration is required.

Please Note: Systematic downloading of large amounts of data through EZproxy, including the use of web crawler software or other automated means of downloading, is strictly forbidden. Failure to comply will result in an automatic suspension of the user’s account from the EZproxy service.

Accessing Resources

You can use the following to locate online resources:

  • OneSearch on the library homepage will help you locate full text resources. Links to full-text content owned by the library will prompt a log-in for off-campus users. Click the last tab in the homepage’s search box, then enter your terms.
  • Google Scholar can be customized to provide full-text links to journal articles available through UR library subscriptions. If you are on campus or using the VPN, Google Scholar should recognize you as a UR user and provide full text links.
  1. Go to Google Scholar search page.
  2. Click on the menu button Menu button and then click Settings button Settings.
  3. Select Library links and search for University of Richmond.
  4. Check University of Richmond – Locate it @ U of Richmond in the search results, then click Save.

If you are working from an off-campus and are not using the VPN, you will need to manually activate Google Scholar Library Links:


When full text is available through a UR Libraries subscription, you will see the Locate it @ U of Richmond link to the right of the citation:


  • Browser Bookmarklet for EZProxy: The EZproxy browser bookmarklet adds the library's EZproxy prefix to a URL. When you are not on the campus network click on the bookmarklet to access licensed library resources that you've found via non-UCB sites such as Google, Google Scholar, links via email, and social media. Instructions here.
  • Browser Extension for EZproxy: To access licensed library resources found via non-UR sites such as Google, Google Scholar, links via email, or social media, you can install the EZ-Proxy browser extension to either Chrome or Firefox. The extension allows you to proxy any link or webpage as if you are on-campus. Some configuration is required. Instructions here.

- Chrome

- Firefox

VPN Access

Some library resources may require you to connect via the UR VPN (Virtual Private Network). Instructions for setting up VPN and DUO access can be found here: