Music Library Course Reserves


Books, scores, CDs, LPs, DVDs, and videos:

  • Materials owned by the Music Library, Boatwright Library, and the Media Resource Center can be placed on reserve in the Music Library. Materials borrowed from other libraries cannot.
  • If an item needed for reserve is not owned by the Music Library, and it is appropriate for our collection, we will attempt to purchase it. Please allow at least six weeks for ordering, delivery, and processing of new materials.
  • Personal copies of books, CDs, etc. can be placed on reserve, but the Music Library assumes no responsibility for the items or their physical condition.
  • During the first two weeks of any term, reserve materials can be processed within five working days of receipt. After these peak periods, items will be processed within two days, providing that they are on the shelf when requested.
  • Reserve items are shelved by course number and call number. Please include call numbers on all reserve requests and on any reading lists that you give your students.
  • Because shelf space for course reserves is limited, please select only those items that you will require your students to use. If you need library materials solely for your own use, you should check them out and keep them in your office.

How to Request Music Course Reserves

Books, scores, CDs, LPs, DVDs, and videos: Submit a copy of your course syllabus, with call numbers for all reserve items, to Melanie Armstrong at Parsons Music Library. Unless you indicate otherwise, all materials will be given a two-hour checkout period, except operas and musicals, which will be given a four-hour checkout.

Journal articles and book chapters for electronic reserve: These are processed by Boatwright Library staff. Please consult their electronic reserves procedures.

Additional Questions? Contact Linda Fairtile.