IngentaConnect's Search Alerts and New Issue Alerts

The IngentaConnect alert service allows a user to select an unlimited number of journal titles for table of contents reports from over 28,000 journal titles in many disciplines. Individual users may also create and store an unlimited number of search alerts on various research topics, which are run against all the new articles added to the Ingenta database on a weekly basis. Both the table of contents and search alerts results are emailed directly to the user's email address. The Libraries have arranged to pay the fee for faculty who sign up individually for the Search Alerts and New Issue Alerts services.

Setting up your Search Alerts and New Issue Alerts Account

  • Connect to from your campus computer
  • Click on "Sign On Now"
  • Click on "Personal Details" and complete the form and submit. Make sure you keep your username and password in a safe place.
  • Once you are registered, you will sign into the IngentaConnect web site each time with your username and password.

To set up your Search Alerts and New Issue Alerts delivery service, follow these steps:

From the navigation bar on the right, choose "Search Alerts".

Search Alerts: Search alerts on various research topics can be created from and searched against Ingenta's more than 28,000 journal titles. Follow the on-screen directions to set up your research alerts profile.

New Issue Alerts: This table of contents service allows you to link to the tables of content of your favorite publications by selecting them for your New Issue Alerts, delivered to you by email. Follow the on-screen directions to set up your New Issue Alerts.

Payment Details: Select "Payment Details" and fill in SA361 under account number and order2ur as the password and submit. You only need to complete "payment details" one time.

Document Delivery via Ingenta

The University Libraries subscribe to IngentaConnect primarily for faculty access to the Search Alerts and New Issue Alerts. Another service provided by Ingenta is full-text delivery of articles via pay-per-view delivery. Faculty and graduate students may use this service if articles are needed immediately and Interlibrary Loan cannot meet their needs. The cost per article is usually between $10.00 - $30.00, so we ask that faculty/graduate students check local journal holdings through Journal Titles on the Libraries' web site or ask if interlibrary loan services will meet their needs. When ordering an article from IngentaConnect, click on the "article availability" button. If it is available full-text, the payment method button will already be set to "University of Richmond" for the Libraries' debit account. Questions? Please contact your liaison librarian.