The Erasmus New Testament Restoration Project

In the 2006-07 academic year, the Friends adopted as their focus the restoration of an important text in Boatwright Library's Special Collections, the Novi Testamenti Catholica Expositio Ecclesisastica.

The Friends project was featured in Richmond Now, the newsletter for the University community, in May 2007. You can read the article here.

With our starting donation of $2,500 from the University of Richmond Chapel Guild, we were able to raise $6,860 toward this cause, wrapping up our campaign at the end of the Spring 2007 semester. Thanks to our generous donors, we surpassed our original goal by over $1,000.

Thanks again to all who have donated for their generosity and support.

Thank You to the Following Generous Donors

1-10 Pages Restored:

  • Dr. Welford D. Taylor
  • Milt Bigger, in honor of Paracelsus
  • Betty Ann Dillon, in memory of Matthais F. Kelley, Jr.
  • Dr. Daryl C. Dance
  • James and Monica Rettig
  • Mary F. Guthrie
  • Micky Hale Smith, in honor of Elisabeth E. Wray
  • Micky Hale Smith, in honor of Elizabeth S. Scott
  • Thomas W. Howard
  • Anonymous Donor
  • Ardie L. Kelly
  • Charles F. Slappey
  • Levonne Cousins, in memory of Taylor Kie Cousins
  • Anonymous Donor, in honor of Boatwright Memorial Library
  • Mr. and Mrs. David W. Hartz, in memory of Dennis W. and Dora Ransone Hartz
  • Mildred Lee Anderson Gill
  • Corinne and Joe Schneider, in honor of Joe Schneider, RC 1998
  • Stewart W. Landrum, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Landrum
  • Fletcher Stiers, Jr.
  • Jane Dowrick in memory of Pauline Elizabeth Dowrick
  • Ann Loxterman, in memory of John Tyson, former Library Director at University of Richmond
  • Ann Loxterman, in memory of Thomas M. Dupont
  • Anonymous, in honor of Jim Gwin

11-20 Pages Restored:

  • Betty Ann Dillon, in memory of William H. Doub, Jr. and William F. Dillon, Jr.
  • Andre and Dottie Nielsen
  • Elizabeth Dickie
  • Sue W. and Walter E. Douglas
  • Virginia M. Carlson, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Carlson
  • Patient First Neighborhood Medical Centers
  • Lewis T. Booker
  • Phillip J. Schwarz
  • Dr. and Mrs. Harry L. Mears, Jr.
  • William H. Jones, Jr. in memory of Dr. William P. Morrissette

21-40 Pages Restored:

  • Dr. Ernest C. Bolt, Jr., in honor of Ardie Kelly
  • J. Earle Dunford, Jr., in memory of Edward and Mary Peple
  • Jane C. Stockman, in honor of H. Gerald Quigg

More than 41 Pages Restored:

  • Dr. James H. Hall, Jr., in memory of Professor Neale Mucklow
  • Stephen G. Peple and Iralin C. Peple, in memory of Dr. Edward C. and Mary S. Peple and Mr. John N. and Virginia S. Crowder
  • Edward C. Peple, Jr. and Sharon Strong Peple, in memory of Thomas H. and Mary M. Long and Edward C. and Mary S. Peple
  • Anonymous Donor in memory of Evelyn Boatwright Lynch
  • Marion Stokes in memory of Claiborne H. Stokes